3D Wood Paneling

A flat wall can be completely transformed into a sculptural, immersive  interior.

Commercial and Residential Spaces

Acoustic Solutions

Custom Projects

Having worked many years with professionals in architecture, interior, and industry, the team began to develop new techniques for large-scale wall paneling.

Made with the studios signature textiles, these wall panels are structurally reinforced and can bear a heavy weight of 200kg per square meter.

Designed to seamlessly be incorporated into any room — these panels are fire retardant certified and can be custom made according to the dimensions required.


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Specialty Paneling

Sculptural wall panel with integrated seating construct

Walls, columns, floor, and ceiling can be completely re-sculpted, creating an immersive architectural experience

These 3D wall panels can be integrated with seamless seating constructs - creating an immersive experience by blurring the lines between ceiling, wall, structure, figure, and sculpture.

Or just create seating constructs.

With a decade of experience in working with the architectural sector, our team can realize any design concept, create new forms and applications. adapt color, geometry and finish for any project.

Reshape and redesign walls, corners, ceiling, and floor.

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Sound Diffuser Columns

Concave + Convex

Acoustic treatment is the act of preventing sound from bouncing off various surfaces of a room.

A proper sound diffuser absorbs these reflections so they don’t return back into the room directly ensuring a much softer sound reverberation.

Sound Diffuser Columns

Sound Reflection

Softening corners and sharp angles

Due to the concave and convex nature of these wood panels - sound waves bounce back and reverberate, enhancing pitches, tones and digital sound projections.

These wood columns create a listening environment that is ideal for any type of presentation where slight reverberation is complementary to the overall sound.

Perfect for conference spaces, showrooms, dining rooms as well as home cinemas and music studios.

Panels are structurally reinforced and can bear 
weight of 100 kg per m²

Wall Panel_wave.jpg

Fixed Dimensions Paneling

Fixed dimensions, ready for immediate installation

Textiles can be scaled up or down - covering any 3D surface. Fitted for any interior - wall, ceiling, object and/or moving parts. 

Textiles can also function as free-standing structures. 

T + M are expert technicians and can adapt the color, finish, grid strength and flexibility for any purpose.


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- Price Quotes
- Technical info
- Custom Projects
- Collaborations