We craft 3D WOOD TEXTILES - transforming them into sustainable luxury products + projects for interior, architecture, and fashion.

A flat wall can be transformed into an organic wood configure - creating a spatial dialogue between floor, figure, sculpture and structure.

Driven by a curiosity to transform known materials into new forms, the studio's vision is to redefine wood as a soft, sculptural material which can be used to create innovative and unexpected geometries.

These playful, twisting formations create a sense of spatial motion simply by standing still.


Sturdy, yet light in weight — this curved technique can be done by hand only.

Each piece provides a flexible and aesthetic solution for interior spaces.

An aesthetic, structural geometric shelf, designed to withstand heavyweight, this piece is slightly arched, showcasing every faceted angle.

Wood clutch Rose

Hard, brittle wood is transformed into a soft, bendable wooden textile.

These malleable surfaces are then sculpted into three-dimensional shapes; adapted and reinforced to a wide variety of interior applications. 

Responsible design

Although being very much futurists in aesthetics and innovation, all items made in the studio could have theoretically been made 100 years ago.

Our work method ensures a very low carbon footprint as the majority of production is either manual or mechanical.

Reuse and recycle of direct and indirect waste

Materials are calculated by the gram. Using up to 95% of all studio materials, minimal 

leftover waste is stored and used for further testing and experimentation. Nothing is discarded or thrown away. 

Dedicated to maintaining a balance between technology and handmade manufacturing techniques (all developed by the studio) we @Tesler + Mendelovitch are devoted to maintaining clean and sustainable practices for all our projects.

With the exception of R & D, all orders whether e - commerce or project prototypes are ALL made to order. 

Wood clutch Creme