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Wood  Textiles

Designed for Interior. Arch. Automotive + Wearable applications


Our wood textiles are at the forefront of material research and design - the need for smarter, lighter and eco friendly  materials has now become a global priority.

A wood textile consists of a combination of wood veneer and strict incision patterning. Thanks to the geometric pattern of the wood, the wood veneer becomes a flexible, strong, and sustainable material which can be used for many different applications. 

As wood veneer is normally experienced as a stiff, breakable material; the experience of a flexible wooden surface that can be employed for soft use is unexpected and breeds new and innovative use for wood in all aspects of design - interior padding, acoustics, furniture, wearables, free standing structures and even art.

Our unique construction and engineering methods enable hard, brittle veneer to be processed into a flat, flexible, acoustic, wood textile.


These malleable surfaces are then sculpted into three-dimensional shapes; adapted and reinforced to a wide variety of interior applications.

Innovation in Action

3D wood textile
3D wood textile
3D wood textile

By creating strategic incisions and special setting practices, our unique wood textile technology enables the construction of innovative three-dimensional products while also maintaining sustainability, minimal waste and ensuring high quality, long lasting, cutting edge design.


With  10  years  of  R & D, our

wood textiles are at the forefront of material research and design - the need for smarter, lighter and more immersive materials has become a very high global priority.

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Architecture, interior design and fashion today have embraced an attitude of sophisticated textiles. As a growing trend that was once considered avant garde, the ability to create shapes and textures which had not previously existed is now a reality.

These wood textiles have excellent acoustic, flexible and aesthetic properties. Wood textiles come in an array of styles, techniques, and sizes. Designed for fashion apparel, acoustic wall - ceiling - and floor paneling, automotive interiors, upholstery, furniture, and home.

Tesler + Mendelovitch are expert technicians and can adapt the color, finish, grid and flexibility for any purpose.



Raw material 3mm  |  with structure 50 mm


2 kg per m²


DsD-s2 d0  - rating | coating, and treatment-resistant to prolonged heat exposure and hard stains. Delay of heat combustion.

Wood textiles can also be fitted for trim parts, headrests, visors, steering and car seat covers. With 10 years of upholstery and automotive textile design experience, the team can adapt these textiles to meet any technical requirement.


wood textiles

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