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Diamond Wood

Coffee Tables + Stools

Made with a variety of sizes, wood types and finishes

For  sitting, contemplating, and coffee.

Each piece is seamless, lightweight & sustainably made

Handmade to order | 6-8 weeks

Bespoke sizing available

large variety of wood species to choose from

The faceted nature of these handcrafted diamond wood tables creates a dramatic light and shadow effect. 


By combining the studio's signature wood textiles with clever construction techniques - the team creates these unique, individual pieces that accommodate diverse interior projects and mediums.

Handmade with carefully selected wood and grain of the highest quality, these diamond wood coffee tables and stools are made to last a lifetime.


Diamond Woods

D 15.7" x H 22"

D 40 cm x H 56 cm

High Table

Diamond Woods

D 13.7 x H 16.7"

D 35 cm x H 42.5 cm


Diamond Woods

Large Table

D 27.5" x H 16"


D 70 cm x H 41 cm

Diamond Woods

Medium Table

D 19.6"  x H 15.9"

D 50 cm x H 40.5 cm

International shipments are packed in (studio made) plywood crates
Panels are sealed to ensure a snug fit and to protect the cargo during transit
Shipping paperwork is prepared by export personnel in the studio
Fees are determined by the total volume weight of order


Made with a variety of new sizes, wood types, and finishes - these geometric coffee tables and stools are made to last a lifetime.
Diamond Wood coffee tables
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