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To create a tactile experience.

Nowadays, our world is dominated by swiping flat screens - meaning that tactile stimulation (TOUCH) is vital. 





























Whether it be interior, fashion, or architecture - we believe that natural fibers convey warmth and energy that is beneficial for the body and mind. Something that invites you to feel, sit up against or rest in. 

But also sustainable luxury is one that we find essential to define for ourselves:

Produce an object with the utmost attention and care using simple but high-quality and natural materials.


"In 2010, our shared outlook in regards to design and aesthetics led us to invest time in creating new textiles which could have the potential to innovate the way we construct and produce three-dimensional products". 


Studio Tesler + Mendelovitch was founded in 2012 by design couple Itamar Mendelovitch and Orli Tesler.

They earned their B. Des in textile design at the prestigious Shenkar College of Engineering and design.

A four-year process of studying the fundamentals of textile and surface design while incorporating fiber sciences and plastics.


Having two faculties at the university, one for design and another for engineering, the couple was able to utilize many of the prodigious workshops and laboratories on site. Which greatly contributed to their ability to produce a textile from a surface material that didn't initially seem to be a "fabric." 


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