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  • O A K  │ L A R G E    C O F F E E    T A B L E


    Heartwood has a zen like calming tone of light to medium brown, commonly with a gentle olive cast. Oak can be found native to eastern and central North America and is very easy to work with which makes it very suitable for furniture making.  The tree is long growing and some specimens have been documented to be over 450 years old.

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    Handmade with carefully selected wood and grain of the highest quality, these tables are lightweight yet extremely sturdy. You can quite literally dance on them - each table can hold a maximumweight of up to 100 kg │ 220 lbs.

    Handmade to order: 6 weeks

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    Please note that due to the natural grain and tone changes in wood, each table will differ slightly and no two will ever be identical.

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    D 70 cm x H 41 cm

    D 27.15" x H 16"

    Diamond Wood Oak Large Table

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